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Happydale Puppies

About Happydale Kennels

Happydale Kennels is owned and operated by me, Crystal, and my husband Brian Taylor. I made the decision to begin my breeding program after my husband bought me a Chihuahua for our first Christmas together. I already had a little girl Chihuahua, Binki, and he got me a baby boy, Zorro. This was over 10 years ago. While they are no longer with me physically, they do live on in their grandchildren. Most of the dogs we have here at Happydale are descendants of Binki and Zorro.

We’ve been breeding Chihuahuas for over 10 years, while we’ve been breeding Akitas for about 5 years. However, my daddy bred Chihuahuas and Akitas when for most of my childhood. So I’ve been around both breeds for most of my life.

My babysitter, when I was in Kindergarten, Momma Joe and Papa Joe, had a little female Chihuahua. I loved that dog. While I was at home, she was all I would talk about. My parents decided to get me a Chihuahua puppy of my own to love on after Momma and Papa Joe were no longer able to babysit me. I fell in love with my puppy’s spunky nature almost immediately! My daddy bred her and a couple of others that we got later. I guess I always knew one day I would breed Chihuahuas.

It was soon after we purchased my childhood pet Chihuahua that my daddy heard of the Akita breed. We went to visit someone who bred them near our home in Duncanville, TX, and my parents both fell in love with the intense loyalty and extreme intelligence of the Akita. We purchased a breeding pair soon after that first visit.

Once Brian and I were together, and I could provide my babies a stable environment Happydale Kennels was born.

We live in Greenbrier, AR. I have lived in this are for over 20 years, but Brian is from Little Rock. He made the move to Greenbrier after we married. That’s also when he first lived with animals full time. He has come to love the Chihuahuas and Akitas as much as I do.

While we do breed our dogs, they are mostly our pets and babies. There is a state park not too far from our house, and the “kids” love to go on car rides to the park and then walk the trails with us. They like to play with their toys in the house or outside in the fenced in yard. They all love play time. We have a 12 year old nephew who spends a lot of time at our house, and he enjoys playing with our “kids.” We also have 3 great-nieces who visit some, and they mess with all our dogs and puppies. Some of the babies like to play with the squeaky toys, and others prefer the balls. Both our yard and the house are littered with toys and balls of all colors and sizes. They love to walk around our neighborhood some too. Some of our dogs also enjoy giving our 3 cats fits. To be honest, I don’t think the cats know if they are cats or dogs at this point. Another favorite pastime is barking at the cows that live across the road from us. While they aren’t playing or barking at cows, they are snuggled up on the couch or in one of our laps.

Thank you for your interest in our puppies, and we hope you find your newest family member here among the puppies here at happy dale.